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Rotate the chair to accommodate users . She then turns slowly

to face the table and slid slowly forward until the desired position.

When the user wishes to leave the chair, a lever on the side of the seat

is pulled and the seat slides slowly down the table.

Then the head turns to get up.

The incredible chair is the only chair GENDER IN THE WORLD

Patients and residents can sit and do not require assistance.

Gives users greater independence .

The chair is safe, no wheels , supporting up to 130 kg .


▪ seat pivotally translatable seat

▪ slide mechanism to move the seat forward and 160 mm from the table edge

▪ Durable polyurethane armrests


▪ Dining Rooms

▪ Rehabilitation Facilities

▪ The Disability Services


▪ Chassis welded steel black epoxy finish
▪ polyurethane armrests
▪ Luxury trim gray M2 - thick seat - dissier great model.


Dimensions ( mm)

Overall Dimensions

Overall Height : 950
Overall Width: 620
Overall Depth : 580

▪ seat height floor : 490

Helpful coast between armrests : 520

Seat: 420x460x35
File: 460x400x25

Translation seat: 160

A unique patented system with a technology shift and rotation

allowing easy access to the chair and the table edge without moving his legs