The Incredible Chair

Discover our incredible chair

Easy-sitting© specially designed

for the elderly

and loss of autonomy.

Discover our incredible chair Easy-sitting© specially designed in France for the elderly.

This revolutionary chair not only offers optimal comfort and ease of use, but it also gives users autonomy.

Thanks to its unique system of rotation, sliding and height adjustment, the elderly can easily find the ideal position to sit and stand safely.

This renewed autonomy allows users to feel more independent and to go to their daily activities without the constant help of others. Offer your old relatives the freedom and autonomy they deserve with the chair Easy-sitting©.

What makes her amazing

360° rotation

Allows to turn the seat smoothly on 360* and with security lock.

Smooth glide

Allows to approach the table smoothly, without difficulty and safely.

Height adjustable feet

Allows to adapt the seat to all sizes.

What our customers say

Solid and practical, easy to use, my mother is super happy to be able to get up and sit down without help.

I had been looking for a chair for a long time to improve both the life of the patient and that of the caregiver, it is perfect.